To our favorite beer geeks, craft beer lovers and bar owners,

The Taplister team has spent three years creating tools to make it even easier for you to find craft beer. We’ve gathered and incorporated your feedback. We’ve done testing (and tastings). And today, we’re proud to announce that our hard work is complete.

The brand-new Taplister beta is live!


The all-new Taplister includes some of the features you already know and love about Taplister – only bigger and better, including:
• A re-launched and very user-friendly
• More cities
• Better iPhone application (download it now!)
• integration

For more details on the change, check out our recent blog post here.

Bar owners, here’s what you need to know about the new
  • Turn any HDTV into a digital beer menu with the Taplister Digital Beer Board™. Update your beer menu board in real time from your phone or iPad or computer, choose from several cool designs, and drive sales with our simple in-store display system. Learn more about the Taplister Digital Beer Board™ here.
  • We’re now using Foursquare to bring Taplister to thousands of new bars and restaurants. When we launch, you’ll be able to look up your bar on Taplister, claim it, lock your tap list and update your menu yourself.
  • The Taplister Tap List Management System lets you maintain one beer menu that works on, your in-bar Digital Beer Board, and your own web site with our widget. And, Tweet your listings every time you change a tap.

Visit to locate your favorite beer and join us in celebrating. Cheers!

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  • Joe

    I think the new setup has promise. Two things I find lacking: One, when I search for my city it comes up with every bar in the area, almost none of them have beers listed. It would be nice to only have bars listed with current tap lists. Two, I liked being able to bookmark taplister to go directly to my city instead of having to search for it each time.

  • JcWarner

    i like being able to see a list of all the beers available for the area, then seeing the location they are at.

  • Dan Hammack

    This new format blows. First of all, it is mobile unfriendly, at least it is for Android phones. But what really bugs me is I could enter a city and see a list of almost all the bars in the area, and click on the bar names for the tap lists with the old site. Now you’re supposed to search by name of beer or bar. In a unfamiliar area I don’t know the name of the bars
    I want a complete list. Not entering a bar name and just the city gives a very incomplete list.

  • Val

    Android ap please!!!!

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