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Portland, Ore. June 9th, 2016 – Each year the festival organizer, Kerry Finsand, likes to assist with brewing one of the beers for the fest. This year Kerry had the privilege of brewing with Gregory Passmore of Back Pedal Brewing. The collaboration beer is called Oatmeal Ryesin Cookie (7.8% & 33 IBU).

“Oatmeal Ryesin Cookie is a Rye Saison designed to conjure up childhood memories of a fresh baked cookie. English malts and toasted oats combine for a creamy body, while Saison yeast adds swirling aromas and leaves this beer very dry, resulting in a surprisingly quaffable ale. Cold conditioning on Flame Raisins adds a subtle underline of the raisin forward malts and a judicious addition of Tongan and Madagascar Vanilla Beans rounds out the Cookie”. – Gregory Passmore, Head Brewer at Back Pedal Brewing.


This year we wanted to highlight how rye beer and rye whiskey compliment each other while used to create a beer cocktail. Festival organizer Kerry Finsand, reached out to beer cocktail expert, Jacob Grier to create a unique cocktail for the fest.

“This punch is made in the old English tradition of serving communal punches made with strong spirits and malty ale. George Dickel rye whiskey provides the backbone, while the oatmeal cookie notes of Back Pedal’s Oatmeal Ryesin Cookie are complemented by the hazelnut liqueur Frangelico and a light grating of cinnamon. Citrus oil and a splash of lemon juice give it a touch of acidity for balance”. – Jacob Grier (Author of Cocktails on Tap: The Art of Mixing Spirits and Beer)


The tap list features 20 beers and represents a variety of rye beer styles:

Culmination Brewing
Desert Solitare
American Sour
Desert Solitare is an American Sour Ale that reminds us of the Oregon high desert it features notes of rye, smoke, juniper berries, and sage.
McMenamins Edgefield Brewery
Ryeled Up: Whiskey Barrel Aged Brett Rye
Brett Rye
Tart, spicy, and funky, this garnet hued rye ale is was brewed with 50% Crystal Rye malt from Thomas Fawcett for a pleasant spice character. Noble hop varietals round out the brew and compliment the flavor of the rye malt. Six months aging in a whiskey barrel with a Belgian wild ale strain, Brettannomyces Bruxellensis, created a pleasant, earthy tang that permeates this complex wild ale.
Back Pedal Brewing
Oatmeal Ryesin Cookie
Oatmeal Ryesin Cookie is a Rye Saison designed to conjure up childhood memories of a fresh baked cookie. English malts and toasted oats combine for a creamy body, while Saison yeast adds swirling aromas and leaves this beer very dry, resulting in a surprisingly quaffable ale. Cold conditioning on Flame Raisins adds a subtle underline of the raisin forward malts, and a judicious addition of Tongan and Madagascar Vanilla Beans rounds out the Cookie.
StormBreaker Brewing
Mississippi Ryed
Red Ale
We brewed a Rye version of our flagship beer, Mississippi Red, with 11% rye in the grain bill. We increased the kettle hop additions for a little more hop bite, which is complemented by a spicy dryness from the rye, but balanced nicely by malty caramel flavors. We then dry hopped with Citra hops at 1 lb per bbl for a big tropical fruit and citrus nose.
Hopworks Urban Brewery
Holden Caulfield
Sparkling Ale
Modeled after an English Sparkling Ale, this peppery sipper has notes of alienation and cynicism, with a subconscious desire to belong. Our warehouse guy, Jordan, wrote the recipe for this beer incorporating malted and flaked rye, along with some German Vienna malt. He is heavy handed when it comes to the use of Palisade hops and this beer reflects that.
Three Creeks Brewing
Stonefly Session Ale
Rye Ale
A Classic Unfiltered Rye Beer with 5 Domestic Malts and 2 NW Hop varieties. This is a full bodied light beer even the most “Finicky” of Fish can’t refuse.
The Labrewatory
Night Ryeder
Dark Brett Farmhouse Rye Ale
Night Ryder has 20 % Nevada grown unmalted rye, and pours a light brown color, primarily fermented with a blend of yeasts . Including brettanomyces and French saison. This beer punches you in the face with Brett funk and follows with a slight gentle spice sweetness from the rye.
Worthy Brewing
Session RyePA
Big spicy notes from a healthy dose of rye and crystal rye, balanced by the pleasant tropical flavors and aroma of mango, orange blossom, lemon peel, and strawberry.
Breakside Brewery
Rye Curious
Amber Ale with Rye
A clean and easy drinking rye ale that showcases the complex character of this underloved malt: The rye contributes fruity aromatics, spicy flavors, and a slightly rich mouthfeel. This drinks like a straightforward “microbrew” but the complexity behind it runs deep; hopped with Mt Hood hops, fermented cool, and made with a water profile very different from most of our beers. Gold Winner at the 2016 NABA Awards.
Fat Head’s Brewery
Blitzkrieg Bock
Rye Maibock
Blitzkrieg is a helles (light) style German maibock with rye. The slight sweetness of the bock is balanced by the dry bite of the rye.
(2015 GABF Gold Medal Winner – Rye Beer)
Ex Novo Brewing
Saison Lillis
Traditional saison brewed with a variety of grain, including rye, and dry hopped with French Triskel hops. Light, refreshing, fruity.
Baerlic Brewing
River Baer Rye
River Baer compliments everything there is epic, sacred & holy about summer in Oregon! Aromas of sweet malt and citrus ascend into a dry & earthy spice that lingers like the goosebumps of that early morning swim.
54° 40’ Brewing & Mt. Tabor Brewing
Table Rye
Table Beer
Brewed at 54° 40’ in collaboration with Mt. Tabor Brewing. This lovely small beer has a lot of character with added Simcoe, El Dorado, and Mandarina hops. A fruity ester from a higher fermentation temperature also adds to the personality of the beer. Overall it’s ridiculously drinkable and refreshing.
Loowit Brewing
Grimlock Rye Porter
Grimlock is a fun twist on an American Porter. The dark malts provide pleasant flavors of chocolate, toffee, coffee and toast. The addition of Rye malt builds the complexity of the malt profile by adding a touch of rye spiciness to the finish. Balanced by a touch of hop bitterness to round out the brew, Grimlock is a unique and refreshing porter. Silver medal for rye beers at 2016 World Beer Cup
Three Magnets Brewing
Wreathing Havoc
Imperial Red
This Imperial Red Rye Winter Ale will keep you warm on our cold rainy winter nights. Brewed with copious amounts of rye and invert sugar, this monster teases your taste buds with hints of spiced rum and bittersweet toffee
Rogue Ales
Rogue Promise Gone Aw-Rye
Inspired by Rogue Farms Dream Rye, this IPA was originally brewed as a special one-time holiday gift exclusively for Rogue employees. It was such a hit that at the urging of Brewmaster John Maier we decided to share it with the world. Slight sour notes from the rye, full malt body throughout, and plenty of hops in the finish. We all enjoyed it and know you will too.
Ordnance Brewing
Rx Pale Ale
Rye Pale Ale
Pouring a light straw color, this ale gets its spicy flavor from a healthy dose of rye malt. The rye spice combines nicely with a Citra and Mosaic aroma present a beer that is perfect for day’s end be it after work or a long day of outdoor pursuits.
Oregon Beer Growler magazine “Perfect Pints” consumer selection, June 2015
Lucky Lab Brewing
High Ryes
Belgian Dubbel
The highryes is a straightforward belgian dubble brewed with rye. The fruity yeast esters are counterbalanced with the spice of rye and noble hops.
Everybody’s Brewing
All Rye’d All Rye’d All Rye’d
Rye Pale Ale
This experimental IPA combines a complex grain bill and resinous hops to create a unique and flavorful beer.
We used three different types of rye to provide a spicy, peppery malt backbone that is robust without being too sweet.
Healthy portions of American hops help to accentuate the earthy flavors while adding aromas of pine and orange peel.
Lompoc Brewing
Saison de l’Evolution
Hazy Belgian-style farmhouse ale that draws spice and crispness from rye and hops, and is rounded out with candied ginger, coriander, and citrus. Fruity sweetness lands on the tongue first, followed by spice and a subtle hoppiness that can’t help but taste a little like progress. This beer represents our commitment to change and evolution in the brewing industry and beyo

Rye Beer Fest – Event Summary:

What: Rye beers and rye whiskey event to benefit the Children’s Cancer Association

When: Friday June 10th from 4pm-2am

Where: EastBurn: 1800 E. Burnside St., Portland, Oregon 97214, 503-236-2876

Cost: $10 includes event glass and 4 tasting tickets. $10 for a Whiskey Back Card that includes (3) ½ shots of rye whiskey.


4pm: Doors open & raffle tickets available for sale

7-9pm: Jacob Grier makes official Rye beer cocktails in EastBurn Annex

8:30pm (Start charging a cover for the band)

10:00pm- $1,500 travel voucher prize is drawn

10:05pm: Live music with The Xploding Boys (Cure cover band)

2am: Rye Beer Fest Ends


Follow the latest news regarding the Rye Beer Fest on www.ryebeerfest.com or on social media: Twitter: @ryebeerfest and Facebook @ryebeerfest.

About The Event Organizers:

Dawn to Dusk is an endurance-paddling event where paddlers do laps for 12 hours around Ross Island in downtown Portland to raise money for theChildren’s Cancer Association.  Since 2011, Bridge City Paddling Club raised more than $172,900 for this vital organization.  Bridge City Paddling Club is a non-profit organization, dedicated to both community service and competition.

The Children’s Cancer Association knows that for seriously ill children and their families every moment is precious. That’s why our programs leverage music, friendship, play, and resources to create transformative moments of joy for 20,000 children, teens, and their family members each year. Unlike many organizations dedicated to the worthy goal of someday finding a cure for cancer, CCA is all about creating joy today.

Taplister (www.taplister.com) is a beer discovery platform.  It helps consumers discover craft beers and enables bars and restaurants to promote their beers.  Bars and restaurants simply manage what beers are on tap from a web browser and the information is updated in real-time on Digital Beer Boards, Twitter, Facebook, mobile phones, the business’ website and Taplister.com. The company is located in Portland, Oregon.

EastBurn, established in 2008, is a neighborhood Public House that is as diverse as Portland’s population. EastBurn is known for its extensive charity work, from monthly beer dinners to large scale fundraisers, beer festivals and holiday events. Specializing in scratch made food and craft cocktails as well as 19 daily rotating taps, two full bars, four season patio and live music; the EastBurn has something for everyone. For more information about the venue please visit (www.theeastburn.com).


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