Kerry with SoMe Award and beer in hand

Last Thursday night Taplister won a SoMe Award in the category of Best Social Media App – The Next Big Thing Award. The SoMe Awards or social media awards, honors “the best social media projects, programs and campaigns in the Pacific Northwest.”  Here is a description of our category: “A social media marketing campaign utilizing a social media application (includes widgets, iPhone applications, Android applications, Facebook applications, Twitter applications, & Google Gears). Entries will be judged on the marketing impact, usability, scalability, and viral nature of the social media application.”

We at Taplister are very excited about this award and look forward to further innovating the way craft beer fans consume information (pun is intended).  This is our second accolade.  The first was when John Foyston of the Oregonian’s Beer Here column named us the Best Intersection of Beer and Technology of 2009. In the next 30 days expect big things from Taplister including another iPhone app, an Android app and even a Facebook Application.  Cheers and thanks to Ryan Lewis for the pics!  Also here is a video from the event: Kerry at the SoMe Awards Talking About Taplister


Kerry putting one back before accepting a SoMe Award

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