Hi everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know about a few little improvements at Taplister.com.

As some of you know we have a few different levels of users, with different access.  They are as follows:

Guests – Users that visit our site without logging in.  They can view tap lists and bar information, but not edit.

Regular Users – Users who log in with their Twitter ID.  They can mark beers off tap,

Bar Owners – These are users who log in with a bar’s Twitter ID that’s been set for that bar.  They can edit the tap list and bar information just for that bar.

Ambassadors – These are users who have been granted special access.  They can edit tap lists and bar information.

Admins – That’s us at Taplister.  We are all powerful! 🙂

The change I just added will allow Regular logged in users to add bars for a city.  This used to only be available to Ambassadors and Admins.  We’re hoping this will really help new Taplister cities, and get more people involved in adding their favorite bars and beer joints.  Make sure you’ve logged in via Twitter (press the “Login” button in the Tool bar).  Now when you bring up the Bars page, you should see “Add a Bar” at the top of the page.  We still have a few cities that haven’t really taken off yet.  It’s time to start adding bars to those.  A good way to start is to go to the Places page for a city on RateBeer.com to get popular beer bars and addresses.  Also, when adding a bar, please use MyGeoPosition.com to get the latitude and longitude.  We use the lat/lon for mapping, so it’s important to enter it.

One other note, I fixed a crasher bug in the Taplister iPhone app and submitted it to Apple.  The fix is in version 1.2, and will hopefully be approved soon.  Apple may be catching up on the holiday break backlog.

More news soon…

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  • Jim

    Thanks for this update. Keep up the great work!

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