Taplister turns 2 years old today.  When we started, we were just in our home town of Portland, Oregon.  Now, we support 52 cities across the US.  We most recently added Olympia, Washington.

To commemorate our anniversary, we’re planning on celebrating this evening (July 6) at Apex (SE 12th and Division).  It’s a good evening to join us for some good beer, because Fort George is taking over the taps at Apex today.  We at Taplister are big fans of Fort George.  If you like pepper spiced beer, make sure you check out the Hellcat Smoked Pepper Tripel.  We’re looking forward to trying some of their other small batch beers.   We hope to see you there!

Here’s what John Foyston had to say about the Fort George event.  http://blog.oregonlive.com/thebeerhere/2011/07/fort_george_takes_over_the_tap.html


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  • Jim

    Congrats on another great year of keeping us in the loop… Raising my glass to many more.

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