The Six Pack Plan

Easily add your tap list for free & promote your beer list.

  • Tap List Badge

    Add a free Taplister badge to your website and direct people right to your tap list.

  • Advanced Tap List Editor

    Easily update your tap list from one central location.

  • Claimed Venue Icon

    Gain trust with your patrons. This shows them that you manage your tap list on Taplister.

What can Taplister's Six Pack package do for me that I can't do myself on my own website & social media pages?

Taplister makes your tap list available to all Taplister users via the Taplister website. Draw in new customers by letting them find your venue through Taplister's search engine. Retain regular customers and speed up order-time by letting them know what you have on tap ahead of time.

How can I let my customers know that I keep my tap list updated with Taplister?

We will give you a Taplister window cling to alert your customers that your updated tap lists are always available to them through Taplister. We also provide badges for you to add to your social media pages or website.