One of the many options for publishing your live tap list is through our printed menu technology. Taplister has recently  rolled out the ability to create customized beer menus to meet your needs. This means that with the touch of a button you can print a no-hassle menu for your customers. Here is a gallery of a few of them. We’ve found that no two locations have the same needs for printed menus, so we’ve create a few templates to get you started, but the real power of the Taplister platform is to combine the power of your data with an easy-to-print solution. Our digital design team has some creative ideas on how to combine your live data with your day-to-day publishing needs.  We can create multiple options for you as well. Check out our themes below, and if you need something custom feel free to contact us.

[You may click on any of the themes below for a detail page / Double click on the detail page for a larger sample]





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