All right, I’m not a “Native” Oregonian. I moved here when I was three, but still, my entire beer drinking life has revolved around Oregon beer.  That is why I’m so excited about Oregon Beer Country (, which launched this summer, is a new website exclusively dedicated to beer tourism in Oregon.  Whether you’re a Native Oregonian, a vacationer, visitor or possible emigrant, Oregon Beer Country has something for you.

Oregon Beer Country brings all aspects of craft beer tourism to one central location, organizing information about where to find beer in Oregon (based on regions: Central Coast, Central Oregon, Columbia River Gorge, North Coast, Portland Metro, Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon, Willamette Valley, and South Coast), how to create vacation and beer pilgrimages (a personal favorite of mine as one of my goals this year is to explore craft beer outside of Portland) and in dept industry information.

Founded by Emily Engdahl, a Native Oregonian, who has a love for the drink and a fondness for the people of craft beer.  Her rich history and depth of knowledge about the state and its people led her to develop Oregon Beer Country.  “I had an epiphany one day that the Governor (Kitzhaber) needed a craft beer ambassador. I wanted to make sure that there was a friendly welcome extended to people who were visiting Oregon to discover our beer. I let the idea go for a while, but I kept wondering why there wasn’t a dedicated site specifically for craft beer tourism in Oregon. Finally, I decided that I should quit wondering why there wasn’t one, and make it happen. I literally woke up one morning and started it that same day – the bulk of the design and content was done in one fell swoop.”  As a craft beer writer, home brewer and beer community builder, Engdahl’s previous projects include articles in and Milwaukie Rules, and the creation of #pdxbeergeeks with co-Founder Michael Umphress.  She is also the Events Coordinator for Ginger Johnson’s Women Enjoying Beer.

The site also includes current and historical information on Oregon’s beer industry.  Did you know, Oregon’s beer history goes back to 1852, when Henry Saxer established Liberty Brewery in Portland, Oregon?  Oregon Beer Country, brings together the narrative of Oregon’s beer culture and community together with detailed information about the breweries themselves, ideas for beer tours, resources, inside track tips and tricks, events and festivals, and up and coming breweries.

One of my favorite offerings on the site is the interactive Google map of all the events happening in Oregon around beer.  I definitely suggest checking out and downloading it.  Next time you have last minute guests wanting to experience Oregon beer or have a free night and want to catch up with old friends, you’ll never have to scramble for a suggestion.  Beats trying to remember what event were suggested to you via Facebook.

So relax, grab a beer and explore Oregon Country Beer.

Ever used Oregon Beer Country to plan a beer tour or trip?  Share your story in the comments below.

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