The list of active Taplister cities keeps growing, we’re getting close to 50!  We now have a cool new way to see how Taplister is expanding, and which cities have embraced Taplister, and which ones are still getting up to speed.  Just click the “Cities” button on’s navigation bar to bring up the new map.  It may take a few seconds while it puts together the data.

Using the latest Google Maps API, the new map takes current list of cities and places a beer glass icon on their locations.  You can pan and zoom, which helps reveal cities in areas that are thick with craft beer (e.g. Oregon).  But, there’s more.  Click on an icon for a city to see the name of the city, clicking on that name will take you that cities Taplister site.  You can also see the that city’s Twitter hashtag, and how many beers and bars are currently shown.  This is a great way to get a sense of where Taplister is taking hold, and cities that need a little prodding.  If you have beer pals in any of the cities that don’t have many beers and bars showing yet, let them know about Taplister and send them a link to their city’s Taplister site.

We’re pretty excited about how much Taplister has grown.  If you or someone you know has a city they feel deserve being a Taplister city, please fill out this form, and let us know.

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