Hello Craft Beer loving business owners,

We are excited about our big release of new features we are officially releasing today. We listened to your feedback and added tools to make it easier to promote your beers on tap and analyze what beers are selling best.

Rotating Screens – Can’t fit all your beers on one TV? You can now create multiple screens to rotate your tap list (i.e., Screen 1 for craft beers, Screen 2 for imports, Screen 3 for ciders, etc.  Available to Keg customers only).







Zones – On the right hand side (available only for landscape mode – regular TV mode), you can add additional content to your screen such as your logo, food specials, upcoming events, etc… or even an ad. (available to Keg customers only) – See image above.

Screen refresh – Before you would have to refresh your web browser to display your beers on tap if you make a change. Now changes made will automatically update the beer on the screen approximately 60 seconds later. (available to Keg customers only)







Beers On Deck – When you receive your keg deliveries, you can now queue them up for later to add on tap. Visible only to you in the Beer Editor. (For Case & Keg customers only).







Analytics – See how long a beer is on tap for. Helps determine what has sold best historically so you know what to order and what not to order. (For Case & Keg customers only).







Social promotion – Now bars can edit their Twitter or Facebook message before they post them – Go to your tap list and choose the beers you want to promote and select an action (i.e.post to Twitter and Facebook. Allows you to include the Twitter handle of the brewery in the message. (For Case & Keg customers only).

Beer sorting – In the tap list editor you can sort by beer, brewery, style or date tapped. Or by multiples of this. This will make it easier for bars that have large tap list to edit their tap list. This will effect how it looks on the digital beer board but not on the website, widget or printed menu. (Available to Case & Keg customers. Digital Beer Board sorting available to Keg customers only).

Adding Beer descriptions to new beers – When you are adding a beer you can can include a beer description (Available to all claimed bars- free to paid).







Support – New support site. When you are logged in just click on the support button in the black navigation area. Please reference this link when you have any questions. You will need to be logged in to access this info. (Available to all claimed bars- free to paid).

Upgrading is easy – Just log into your account and click the upgrade button and choose your plan or feel free to call us at (888) 827-7737 or email us sales[at]taplister.com.


Team Taplister

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  • Ken Baer

    Nice stuff! Great to see it evolving.

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