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Taplister Labs has been hard at work on some new features for the website.  We are continuing to evolve the tools and the site to be easier to use, and provide more ways for bars to promote their bars by getting to word out about what they are serving on tap.

We have made it easier to add beers to a tap list.  When you log in to with your Twitter ID, you can now type in beers directly to a tap list, rather than going through Twitter or the Tweet a Beer tool.  Taplister originally used Twitter to add and remove beers from tap lists, but we have since added tools on the website and mobile apps to work directly with our server.  Bar owners and Ambassadors have been able to do this for a while, but we decided to make this available to all our users, and we’ll eventually remove the Tweet a Beer feature.  To add new beers, click in the text field below the list of taps and start typing the beer name starting with the brewery name. After typing a few characters you should see a text completion list appear under the text field. As you type, it will refine the list. This list uses the beer registry from When you see the beer you want to add, select it and then click the “Add Beer” button.  If the beer you are adding is not in the list, make sure the spelling is correct, and you type the brewery name the same as other beers from that brewery. This will help keep the Taplister database more accurate and reduce duplications.

We have also been hard at work on features to help bar owners.  When a bar owner or staff member logs into with the bar’s Twitter ID, they will see a new “Bar Owner Tools” button on the bar’s page.  Click on this to open up the new bar owner tools page.  If you run or work at a bar, these tools should be of interest to you.

At the top is the Advanced Tap List Editor, which is the same as the old Edit Tap List button that was on the bar page.  This will let you remove several beers at a time, and add a beer by typing it in with text completion, and set whether the beer is on cask, on nitro, or a permanent tap.  It works the same, we just moved it.  If you do not need to set the cask, nitro, or permanent options, you can add and remove beers from the tap list on the bar’s page if you want.  This gives you more flexibility.

After you have updated your taps, let your customers know about the new beers you have on tap, tweet a link to your bar’s Taplister page with the updated tap list.  Click the “Tweet Tap List” button to send out a tweet from your bar’s Twitter account that says you just updated the tap list on Taplister, and a short URL that takes them directly to your bar’s Taplister page.  Fans of your bar can re-tweet them to their friends, and spread the word.

You can see how many people are following the link to your bar page from Twitter or your QRcode signs with this tool.  Taplister uses to shorten the URL to your page, and they have some very powerful tracking tools so you can see how many people click on the link, how that changes over time, and whether they got the link through Twitter or from a QRcode sign.  To view the tracking page, click the “Track Bar Page Links” button.

Promote your bar, and make it easy for your customers to keep up with your ever changing tap list by using a QRcode. A QRcode is a two dimensional barcode that can be scanned by smart phones. Many mobile apps are available to scan QRcodes. Search for “qrcode reader” in the smart phone’s app store. Scanning the QRcode generated on this page will take the customer directly to your bar’s Taplister page and tap list. This will also allow you to track your code, and see how many people are scanning it. You can even see how that changes over time.  There are several ways you can use the QRcode to promote your bar. You can make a window decal that your customers will see as they enter your establishment, or print tent cards for your tables. But, we believe the most effective way would be to print it on your beer menus that are on every table and on your bar. If you want to assemble the elements yourself and match the layout of your existing beer menu, you can download the QRcode image and Taplister logos at the bottom of the Bar Owner Tools page.

Let us know if you have any comments or questions about these new tools.  We have more on the way.  Till then, Beers to you!

“Schlitzy” image by Jim Talbot using Animation:Master

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