I am about to begin live beer tasting and blogging at BBC 11.

Rob Widmer is serving and describing Widmer Brothers Prickly Pear Braggot.  He describes it as a combination of mead and old ale.  My tasting of it reveals a sweet, smooth brew with a pronounced honey flavor and hint of prickly pear juice.  I don’t get a lot of aroma from the glass, but I find this beer very drinkable with a nice, lingering sweetness.  I like it!

Ryan Ross from Karl Strauss is now having us try their Boardwalk Black Rye.  The aroma is rich and round.  Tasting reveals malty richness followed by a medium hoppy bite.  Great finish.  Very nice!

Now tasting Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale.  It has light golden color and looks like Chardonnay.  This beer has an upfront sweetness that has a clean white grape flavor.  Like drinking a light white wine.  Nice.

Now trying New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale, which is Gluten free.  It has an interesting nose without the grain or hop notes you would expect from a beer.  The flavor has a little sweetness, some bitterness and other flavors.  Personally, I find it a mishmash and it’s not working for me.

Next up, Ninkasi Total Domination IPA.  Ahhh, an old friend!  Jamie Floyd is serving the beer wearing a a Darth Vader costume (representing Imperium).  I call him Darth Lager.  Now on to the tasting.  Not a lot of aroma, but a wonderful smooth taste.  Some lingering bitterness, but not overpowering.  It is one of my favorite year round IPAs, for good reason.  I’m just going to go ahead and enjoy this beer.

And now, Deschutes JubelAle.  Normally it doesn’t come out till October, so this is an early taste.  A quick swig of water to clean my palate.  The appearance is a nice medium dark brown.  The aroma is a mild sweetness.  The taste is smooth, sweet, and with a nice maltiness.  Very drinkable and enjoyable.  I always liked this beer.

Woo hoo, Oakshire!!  Matt Van Wyk brought one of my favorites, Overcast Espresso Stout.  I just told him it was one of the beers that I bought for the bottle sharing last night (didn’t bring them, long story).  First sniff, coffee.  First taste, strong coffee followed by stout roastiness.  Matt is talking about how good it is with dessert.  Where’s the cake!?!  Wandering Goat is the name of the roaster.  It won 2009 Coffee Beer category at GABF.

Finally Breakside Brewery’s Ben Edmonds with his Gin Barrel Sour Double Wit.  Some Gin botanicals in the aroma.  The taste, wow!  It has a fizzy sourness with a strong grapefruit with a good gin undertone.  It’s a lot like a gin grapefruit cocktail.  Very refreshing and really good after the espresso stout.


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