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Brewers Association logoThis week the Brewers Association, BA, unveiled in an effort to help lost kegs make it back to their brewery owners (kegs are always the property of the brewery purchasing and filling them). Unlike dogs and cats, kegs, while often printed with distinctive markings, aren’t microchipped, and may disappear due to accidental mishandling or intentional misappropriation. can be used by everyone from consumers to scrap yards to brewers and wholesalers. Those who have found a keg can do a search for key words or identifying marks on the keg. Keg users can register their kegs by creating a profile or logging in with their Homebrewers Association or Brewers Association username.

BA hopes that by creating a double-pronged solution to the complex stray keg problem, which equals a total direct capital charge to craft brewers of $5.3 to $15.8 million annually, the impact on breweries and ultimately consumers can be reduced.

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  • Brett Andersen

    I think this might have potential. I hope that even the big brewers would be interested in this. I have seen a lot of kegs go into scrap because they don’t have any where else to go. While brewing co’s want their kegs back, their distributors could care less. As long as the distributor has passed on the keg deposit to a customer, they suffer no loss if that keg never comes back.

    As long as a customer buys every week and the truck is there, The emptys will be picked up and the deposit credited to the account. Stray kegs happen from accounts closing, moving,being evicted or shut down or discontinuing buying from a distributor. Stray kegs also happen from individuals buying kegs retail and not returning them promptly to the exact place they paid a deposit to.

    As a “picker” I have gotten numerous kegs from trash bins, home and apt clean outs/evictions,restraunt/commercial bldgs. clean oputs or refurbs. etc. Not once in recent history has the authorized distributor for that brand of beer been willing to refund the current deposit on that size keg to me for the return of that keg.

    Not once have I ever bought a keg for personal use or on behalf of a establishment where I was working and not had to either pay the deposit or turn in a empty.

    I will not return them for free. No one else who scavenges is ever going to either. Some party stores will “split the deposit” I.E. pay you half, and take them but here is not many of them left out here in chain store land.

    I am not so naive as not to think that some of these kegs out here have been stolen from some establishment. But the deposit was paid by someone and if the brewery wants them back, Their local distributor is going to have to refund the deposit to whoever has the keg or its going to be scrap stainless.

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