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I co-founded Taplister in 2009 with the intention of creating the first live beer search engine, powered by Twitter and the craft beer community.

The original Taplister let anyone list a beer on tap via Twitter, and even look for beers using our ontappdx Twitter bot. It was a fun idea and worked well at the beginning, but eventually, the weakness of the system became clear – our database of beer names and breweries was inconsistent. And, for a lot of people, updating tap lists via Twitter was too confusing.

So, in our new release, we’ve decided to drop the ability to update tap lists via Twitter. Instead, we’ve partnered with RateBeer – the world’s premier craft beer database – to manage the names of beers and breweries listed on our site.

The old way: Tweet the beer name, then the word “at”, then the bar name, then the city-specific hash tag

The new way: Type the beer name into the “What’s on tap?” box on the bar’s page on (web and mobile) or use the “List a beer” feature and type the beer name and bar name

Your bar’s profile is now powered by Foursquare, which means no more worrying about out-of-date information on our site.

We’re making these changes soon – before the end of August. You’ll receive an email when the new system is live. Sign up to be notified when we launch. In the meantime, you can Claim Your Bar on our new site and be ready to manage your tap list on Day 1. And if you have any questions, drop us a line –

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