The Growler Plan

Control your tap list with enhanced listing. Push your list to, drive people to your tap list & analyze the results.

  • Push To Ratebeer

    Your tap list automatically appears on Ratebeer.

  • Locked Tap List

    Lock your tap list so your customers know that you keep your tap list accurate.

  • Enhanced Listing

    Let customers know when you are open and why they should visit your business.

  • Analytics

    Get insight into what is selling and was is not.

  • QR Code

    Just scan the code and your customer’s will be taken directly to your tap list. Save printing costs. Add QR codes to your printed menus, table tents and more.

What do I get with the Growler Plan that I don't get with the Six Pack Plan?

In addition to all of the Six Pack features, the Growler Plan allows you to automatically push your tap list to RateBeer, lock your tap list, enhance your listing on Taplister's website, gain insight about your tap list with Taplister's automatic Analytics and receive QR Codes for your printed menus or table tents to take customers directly to your tap list.

How can I let my customers know that I keep my tap list updated with Taplister?

We will give you a Taplister window cling to alert your customers that your updated tap lists are always available to them through Taplister. We also provide badges for you to add to your social media pages or website.