Groupon (, a shopping website that offers daily deals on the best local goods, services and cultural events in 43 countries around the world announces the partnership with the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation during Portland Beer Day on July 28, 2011 to raise money for scholarships.

On July 28th, in honor of the Oregon Brewers Festival, Groupon is dedicating the Portland, OR page of their website ( to deals that spotlight Portland’s brewing community.  Groupon will be featuring Portland’s best breweries, restaurants, and beer bars while creating awareness and raising funds for the Glen Hay Falconer Brewing Scholarship.  Groupon will donate $1 for each Groupon sold on July 28, 2011 up to $2,000 toward the scholarship fund.

The Glen Hay Falconer Foundation is a non-profit organization created to commemorate and celebrate the life, interests, and good works of Glen Hay, a well-loved and leading Northwest brewer. The mission of the Foundation is to contribute to the Northwest craft brewing community by providing opportunities for professional and aspiring brewers to further their knowledge and expertise. The Foundation is also committed to honoring Glen’s broader interests by working with the Northwest Legends Foundation to contribute directly to local Eugene-based organizations that represent his ideals and passions.

In 2011, the Foundation is offering two educational scholarships to the World Academy of Brewing at the Siebel Institute and one to the American Brewer’s Guild.

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  • Jim

    I cannot believe I wasn’t able to make it up this year. I love the Portland Beer Fest, and I generally make the annual pilgrimage each summer.

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