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Image courtesy of Dawg Grog

Image courtesy of Dawg Grog

Dog is man’s best friend and such an esteemed status implies certain privileges. Besides, most dogs will instinctively turn on the “puppy dog eyes” when they want what their human has, especially when it comes to food. Much of what people consume is edible for dogs but there are some things, like onions, chocolate and beer that could harm them. So what is a beer lover to do when subjected to the intense gaze directed at their beer?

Daniel Keeton, an employee at Bend, Oregon’s Boneyard Brewery, has found a solution. His Dawg Grog is a non-alcoholic beer made from Boneyard Brewery malted barley water, organic vegetable broth and glucosamine powder. The brew is packaged in 16-oz bottles and sold in packs of six for $36 (shipping included) online.

That’s a price point quite a bit higher than the sixers most people are buying for themselves, but one dog lovers may be willing to swallow. A look around pet stores will show that toys, treats and other goodies often come at indulgent prices. Non-dog owners may be shaking their heads but those of us who share our lives with four-legged friends know what lengths we’ll go to in order to make them happy.

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