Excellent Support Core Value Number One

One advantage of working with Taplister is that we value our customer relationships and have adapted our system to not only provide some one-size-fits-all features, but to include many customizable features so that what your customers see on-premise or on-web is unique to you location or brand.  This includes our ability to quickly respond to customers requests and needs.

How many times have you had to wait on hold for hours, dealt with outsourced support or never had your issue really answered? In today’s fast past society it happens every day. At Taplister we value our customer’s time and have engrained into our companies core value that taking care of our customers is value numero uno. We don’t just talk about it – we pride ourselves in offering a high level of customer support and enjoy getting feedback from our customers. In fact, we frequently survey our customers which we refer to as our “partners” to develop new features.

We listen to our partners 

We might think something we came up with is a great idea, but we are not in the trenches of running a bar, brewery or restaurant. So we choose to survey our customers for valuable ideas.  Many of these ideas develop into features in the Taplister ecosystem. The Taplister platform has been built, changed, rebuilt and updated countless times over the past seven years. Not only has technology changed, but the craft beer industry has rapidly changed over the past seven years. We pride ourselves on providing our partners the tools they need to excel.

This means over the years we’ve constantly improved Taplister’s Digital Beer Boards, printed menus, social media updates, integration and a whole lot more. And as the time of this writing we are working on the our next generation features to help create and promote tap lists easier.

You have access

As a small growing company our partners often have a direct line to our founders, developers and other staff. We all handle customer support to make sure we really understand our customers need. This aligns our company with what is actually happening in the industry, helps us keep up with trends and get a general pulse on the ever changing world of craft beer. Whether you call, email or fill out a support form we pride ourselves in getting back to our customers as quickly as possible. This could be right away or within a few hours during our normal operating hours of Monday-Friday from 8am to 6pm PST. Don’t worry if you have an issue outside of this time because we are always connected and will get back to you in a timely manner on the weekend as well.  Most of our customers are open during evenings and weekends, so we are there for you when you need us.

What do you need

Our philosophy is to provide easy-to-use tools for On-Premise and On-Web tap list publishing. If you don’t see what you have in our off-the-shelf tools, ask us, because we will work with you to deliver what you need.

To review, exceeding your expectations includes:
1. Listening to our partners.
2. Easy access to support.
3. Providing tools to meet our partners needs.

Why this matters

When choosing a tap list management system there are a lot of competitors our there. Many of the features offered by Taplister and our competitors are similar, but the level of customer support is where we differ. If you are considering a service like Taplister, think about what type of support you will need. If you want more than a vendor, but a partner that gets your business, speaks craft beer and gets back to you in a timely manner, then perhaps Taplister is the right fit for your business

If you want to be part of the customer experience feel free to reach out to us today at

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