EastBurnOn the eve of overpowering franchises and mass development, it is important for small, thriving businesses to remain strong in local communities. When EastBurn first opened in 2008, Burnside Street was at a low point and in need of revamping. Luckily, EastBurn added life back to the legendary street. Established by brothers Mike and Matt Bender, EastBurn was created with a vision to unite the local community through great beer and an even better atmosphere. And what goes along with beer and fun? Great Food. EastBurn serves comforting and playful food that everyone in the city can enjoy. One of EastBurn’s biggest attractions is the balance of casual fun and elegant professionalism- there’s a little something for everyone. What sets EastBurn apart from other bars and restaurants in town, is the atmosphere and the amount of hosted events and activities. “There is something different going on every night,” Mike Bender said. Ski ball league, charity events, pint nights and the grilled cheese invitational are only some of the many events EastBurn hosts. In addition, EastBurn also has daily activities such as trivia, live music and stand-up comedy.

EastBurn has a special process to ensure that only the best beers are being served. EastBurn also focuses on serving local beers. Bob Manfreti, EastBurn’s beer buyer, meets with reps and distributers on a weekly basis to bring in new beers. “We never bring in more than one keg of a beer at a time because our beers are constantly rotating,” Mike said. “We want to feature as many craft beers as possible.” EastBurn works with Taplister to ensure maximum marketing and visibility for its tap lists. As Taplister’s first ever customer, EastBurn hopes to continue working with Taplister and maintain a strong relationship in the future. “I really like the Taplister format,” Mike said. “It’s great being able to see tap lists anytime and anywhere because they are frequently changing.” EastBurn uses Taplister’s Digital Beer Boards to display its tap lists throughout the venue. Customers have reacted positively to the addition of the screens and EastBurn hopes to get more in the future.

At EastBurn, the main focus is on customer service and experience. With a basement taproom, games and a patio with swings, it is impossible for customers not to have fun while they drink beer and grab a bite to eat. When Mike and Matt originally opened EastBurn, they wanted to provide a neighborhood public house like the ones they grew up with. Since then, EastBurn has faced enormous success and hopes to stick around for a long time. So, when you are looking for a great place to drink, eat, relax and have some fun, come to EastBurn, Portland’s public house located at 1800 E Burnside St., Portland Oregon. Check out their tap list here.

Sydney Rubin is a Portland native studying journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a current sports writer for The Daily Texan specializing in social media.

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