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Craft Beer and Food: Why Pairings are Important

Craft beer fans love it for its uniqueness, its character and its willingness to push the boundaries of flavor beyond what the mainstream brewers produce. Whether someone is just getting into the craft beer scene or they are a long-time beer connoisseur, consumers are looking for something exciting and pleasing to the palate when they […]

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Bar Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a key part to the success of any business and marketing your bar well can make or break it. Check out these bar marketing strategies to help most effectively promote your business and bring in customers. Social Media Marketing With the rise of social media, having a strong online presence is important to […]

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The 5th Annual Rye Beer Fest Announces Tap List & Oatmeal Ryesin Cookie Punch

  Portland, Ore. June 9th, 2016 – Each year the festival organizer, Kerry Finsand, likes to assist with brewing one of the beers for the fest. This year Kerry had the privilege of brewing with Gregory Passmore of Back Pedal Brewing. The collaboration beer is called Oatmeal Ryesin Cookie (7.8% & 33 IBU). “Oatmeal Ryesin Cookie is a Rye Saison designed to conjure up childhood […]

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The 5th Annual Rye Beer Fest Goes Beyond Beer With Rye Whiskey Focus

  Portland, Ore. June 1st, 2016 – Taplister announces the 5th annual Rye Beer Fest + $1500 travel voucher raffle. The Rye Beer Fest, a celebration of the revival of rye beers, will be held at EastBurn (1800 E. Burnside St., Portland, Oregon) during  Portland Beer Week. The fest will take place on Friday, June 10th, from 4 p.m. until 2 a.m. and will feature 20 rye […]

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