Part 1 of the Bridgeport Brewing Sustainability Tour in Portland, Oregon with head brewer Karl Ockert. Karl walks us through a play by play of their brewing process and some of the ways Bridgeport practices sustainability. If you’re interested in how beer is made, sustainably and well, this is a great video to watch. Invite a friend that is new to the micro-brew scene then watch and learn with this very informational 2 part series. You’ll definitely want to create your own sustainable brews by the end of this video and you’ll probably have a better idea how. A prost to Karl for going green and paying the bills, all while sippin’ on the good stuff.
Part 1 of 2. Part 2 coming soon! Cheers.

Cinematography and Editing By Ritch Marvin.


Interview, Video/Audio, and Graphics by:
Ezra Johnson-Greenough
Alison Grayson
Ritch Marvin

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  • hydrometer

    Sorry, if this is a bit offf topic, but it is for Bill K. at his request: Most homebrewed beers undergo a fermentation in the bottle, giving natural carbonation. This may be a second or third fermentation. They are bottled with a viable yeast population in suspension. If there is no residual fermentable sugar left, sugar may be added. The resulting fermentation generates CO2 which is trapped in the bottle, remaining in solution and providing natural carbonation. I hope that helps Bill. —————you’re welcome. Jim, Hydrometer Guy.

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