This Tuesday Widmer Brothers Brewing held a press event to update the local press about what they’ve been up to lately.  The event was held at Saraveza and hosted by the actual Widmer Brothers, Kurt and Rob, as well as their brewers and PR staff.  On tap were Drifter Pale Ale, Pitch Black IPA, Nelson Imperial IPA (formerly Deadlift Imperial IPA), X-114, and experimental mead, and probably some others.  The chef at Saraveza came up with some tasty bites that were paired with the different Widmer Brothers beers.

Kurt and Rob brought examples of their new packaging for 6-packs and bottles.  It features a more consistent look across brands, and each featured what the beer looks like in the appropriate glass.  They emphasized that they wanted to promote the idea of enjoying the beer in a glass rather than from the bottle.  They are also making the Pitch Black IPA a year round beer in 12 ounce four-packs.  The packaging celebrates their brewers by highlighting their signatures on the packaging.  I think the new packaging will be quite attractive in the refrigerated cases, offering a unified look, that will highlight the Widmer Brothers brand.  But, listening to Kurt and Rob, it’s really all about good beer, and they continue to explore creative interpretations of a variety of styles, rather than rely solely on their old standards.

On a personal note, I took advantage of the opportunity to chat with both Widmer Brothers, to show both of them a photo of my dog Amber wearing her Widmer Drop Top Amber dog collar I picked up at Widmer’s Oktoberfest last fall.  She bears a notable resemblance to the mascot for Drop Top Amber.  They thought she looked great in it.

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