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Brewers Association logoThe Brewers Association, BA, has released its 2013 Beer Style Guidelines. This reference document, designed for use by brewers and beer competition organizers, has been produced since 1979. Fred Eckhardt and Michael Jackson assisted and contributed their knowledge in the early years and the guidelines are used by many beer competitions including the Great American Beer Festival, GABF, and the World Beer Cup. Compiled by Charlie Papazian for the last 20 years, it is updated on an annual basis and now includes vital statistics on 142 styles of beer.

The biggest changes contained in the 2013 version include the addition of two styles of beer and updates to the guidelines for American wheat ale. The two styles that were added, Adambier and Grätzer, are pre-Reinheistegebot styles and are historically smoky ales. Their addition to the guidelines marks a slow revival that is occurring among U.S. and international brewers. The changes made to the guidelines for American wheat ale are reflective of the use of all-wheat grists used in the brewing process.

A downloadable version of the 2013 Beer Style Guidelines is available from the Brewers Association.

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