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What functionality will I have during the Taplister 14 Day Free Trial?

You will have the full functionality of the Taplister platform's Keg Package. This allows you to review the user interface, settings, options and Digital Beer Board. Your customers will be able to see your live beer list and amenities on the website for you venue.

What if I have questions during the trial period?

You will receive documentation on how to set up your site. The Taplister sales and support team is available to review features with you or answer any questions you have. Our goal is to show you how the Taplister platform will save you time and help you to promote your business.

Is a credit card required for a Taplister Free Trial?

No credit card information is collected for a free trial. To expedite the process, we request that you register for our free Six Pack Plan so we can easily update you to our Trial Plan. If you choose not to subscribe to one of Taplister's enhanced products at the end of the trial period, you will be returned to the Six Pack Plan.